Our Mission

This campaign is about bringing positive change to Lane County, Oregon. East Lane County, District 5, commissioner position is up for election in 2018. This is a non-partisan race in a huge district. There are nearly 50,000 voters to contact by May 2018. With your help we can reach these people and activate them for these mid term elections in which turnout will be critical.

We, the people, will stand together and make our voices heard. By rejecting corporate contributions and relying on small dollar donors, we will show that ordinary people can make a difference and win against big money and career politicians!

We understand the need for good jobs, with living wages. This will be a focus for this campaign. Our rural communities are struggling. We need new ideas and fresh strategies to combat poverty and provide for our families.

We understand that health care should be a fundamental right for all people. In the absence of a single payer system, it is our duty to do everything we can to provide affordable, convenient health care to every person, young and old, veteran and student, mothers and fathers.

We understand education is the foundation of our nation. We must be dedicated to strengthening early education in order to provide our nation’s youth with the schooling they deserve. College must be more affordable for everyone. Rising tuition rates and excessive student loan rates make college nearly impossible to pay for these days. We must recognize that community colleges, trade schools, and universities can transform lives. A college degree opens up doors that would otherwise remain closed. Higher education lifts up communities and helps end the cycle of poverty.

We understand that climate change is an urgent environmental problem and intend to act accordingly. We will fight to combat climate change and work to transition us to clean, renewable energy.

This campaign is about listening to the people and being a voice for the people. This is about the power of we. Together, we can make a difference!

Please consider becoming a sustaining member of this campaign by making a small recurring weekly or monthly donation. Recurring donations can be set up here.Make an Ongoing Monthly Contribution